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Acoustic Colored Wood Panels

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With Acupanel®’s range of ready-made acoustic colour panelling, you can make any wall a work of art. Made from high-quality luxury laminate that’s been carefully chosen for its high-end look and feel, all our slatted wall panels are cut and oiled by hand in our workshop. And with each panel pre-bonded to a rigid recycled felt backing, Acupanel® promises soundproofing that’s second to none. All panels measure 60cm in width and 240cm in length - the standard ceiling heights. So all that’s left to do is trim to fit the space and screw directly into your wall.

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1. Gluing straight onto the wall
A construction glue or grab adhesive is recommended for this.

2. Screwing directly into the wall
By using black screws for the black backing option or silver or grey screws for the grey-backed option, the panels can be screwed directly into the wall through the acoustic felt. We recommend a minimum of 9 screws per panel at 200mm intervals across the width and 800mm down the length of the panel. If installing into ceilings, then make sure they are screwed into ceiling joists. Please make sure the correct fixings are used if going into plasterboard, for example.

3. Screwing the panels into 45mm timber batons
We recommend screwing 45mm timber batons to the wall and then screwing the panels directly into the batons through the acoustic felt to achieve optimum sound absorption. Combined with Rockwool sound insulation behind the panels in between the batons, this will achieve Class A sound absorption.

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Perfect for residential and commercial use

Acupanel® slat wood panels are ideal for residential and commercial applications, from home interior design projects to restaurant refurbishments to significant-scale hotel developments. The panels deliver not only a visually eye-catching wallcovering solution but also bring the added benefit of acoustic dampening qualities to any project.

An environmentally friendly interior design solution

The acoustic slat wood panel range not only offers aesthetic beauty and excellent acoustic dampening but is also created using only environmentally sustainable materials. All materials are sourced and produced from certified sustainable sources—a completely environmentally friendly product.

Modern and elegant handcrafted design

The wood slat wall and ceiling panels have been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly transform any space, enhancing the surroundings both visually and acoustically. They help to create an environment that is not only quiet but beautifully contemporary, soothing and relaxing.

Out-of-the-box wall panelling that not only looks good, but does good

Recycled acoustic felt

Our acoustic felt can offer class A sound absorption - ideal for keeping noise reverberation to a minimum or simply creating a quieter, more comfortable space to relax.

Sustainably sourced MDF

We’re committed to protecting the forests that supply our wood. Our MDF slats are made using materials that come entirely from sources that we know and trust.

Luxury wood veneer finish

With over five decades of wood veneer supply and veneered product development, we only source the best possible wood for our acoustic slat panels.

Hear the difference
Hear the difference
Oiled Finished

Enhance the colour and grain of the wood with a luxury hand-oiled finish.

The beauty of natural wood is that every log cut is unique. Each colour and grain pattern you see will be different to every other tree in the world, making wood one of the fascinating materials on the planet. The only way to make the wood more stunning is to add a finish. We offer a finishing service that applies a high-quality luxury satin oil to the wood, enhancing the colour and grain, making it even more striking than it already is.

Add an oiled finish

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We sell 12cm x 30cm samples of our full Acupanel® range. Order as few or as many as you like - we’ll just take the value of your sample box off your final Acupanel® purchase.

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